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Martha Olsdatter Jordal - immigration passenger list

The passenger list for Marta's arrival in the United States had eluded me, even though I had located those of her siblings, Lars, Gunder and Omund (my great grandfather) Jordal.

After tracking down her marriage record, I then located the baptism record for her husband, Ingebrigt Knudtsen to verify his date of birth and potential spellings of his father's name as well as their farm name.    His baptism record was located in the Odda parish, Hordaland County, Norway.    Ingebrigt is entry #9, though no mention of his farm.   His father, Knud Larson apparently was born or had lived in Strand, Rogaland county.

The handwriting on the baptism record wasn't too clear, so I located the Norwegian 1865 census record for the Knudtson family, (which did match the marriage record) as Knudts (abbreviated).   The complete spelling has a few variations including Knudtson, Knudtsen, Knutson, Knutsen Knudson, Knudsen and for daughters, Knudtsdatter, etc.   It was also easier to read the transcription of the unusual name given his mother which matched the First Lutheran Church marriage record.

I then located Ingebrigt's emigration record (entry #51) from the Odda parish dated April 13, 1881, which was the page prior to the Marta's.

Then I found the transcribed 'Emigration from Bergen' record for Ingebright (#8401).

At this point it became clear that Marta and Ingebright were possibly traveling on the same ship to the United States.

Cross-referencing with other passengers having left on May 5, 1881 from Bergen, I located the SS Abyssinia which left Liverpool, England and arrived in New York on May 28, 1881.

Marta is listed as entry as 8205 "Martha Olsdatter" and Ingebrigt is listed at entry 8207 as "I Knudsen".
Martha is listed as a 25 year old "spinster" and Ingebrigt a 21 year old laborer.   Again, like the marriage record, Martha was not 25, but rather had turned 26 fifteen days earlier on May 13, 1881, prior to the arrival in New York harbor.

More about the SS Abyssinia can be found here.     Below is a drawing of the ship.

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  1. I've been looking for the passenger list for the SS Abyssinia (from Liverpool, England) to New York (arrival date: May 28, 1881). Where did you find it ?!