Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Lars Jordal - property

Here are photos of the present day property which used to belong to Sigri Gunnersdatter and Ole Larson's eldest son, Lars Jordal in Milan township, DeKalb county, Illinois.

Looking northeast from Hermann Road and County Line Road toward DeKalb county.   The left side of the street is Lee County.

The house located on the southern portion of Lars' property on the east side of the road.

A closeup of the house on County Line Road.   

Another home is situated on the northern portion of Lars' property.   This one is listed on the plat map and may have been the home in which the Jordal family lived.

Here is a shot of the home on the northern portion of his property along with the outlying buildings.

Here is a photo looking southeast from the northern end of Lars Jordal's property on County Line Road facing DeKalb County.

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