Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Lars Olson - Immigration

Lars Olson, the eldest child of Sigri Gunnersdatter and Ole Larson was the first to move to the United States.     The Odda parish, emigration record below, indicates Lars left the parish (right side, lower portion entry #3) on April 3, 1871.

Below is a portion of the passenger list from the ship, Frigate Bird which includes Lars Olson Jordal (line #7).     His age is listed as 20, though he was actually 21 at the time.   Both the 1900 and 1910 US Census confirms Lars immigrated to the United States in 1871.

A transcribed passenger list can be found here.  Lars Olson Jordal is listed at #105.   The ship, Frigate Bird left Bergen, Norway on April 23 1871 and arrived in Quebec, Canada on June 4, 1871.

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