Thursday, July 28, 2011

Ole Olson - death

Ole Olson, the 5th child of Sigri Gunnersdatter and Ole Larson died on May 23, 1881 in Hordaland County, Norway.    Here is the Odda parish (Ole is the 4th entry) record of deaths for 1881. 

The first word "ungk" prior to his name translates to "bachelor".   I can't quite make out the subsequent word, but "tjeneste" translates to service, so it appears it relates to his profession at the time of death.

The parish record indicates he was was born in 1863.   Ole was actually born August 25, 1862.    I looked through the Odda parish birth records for 1863 and no one named Ole Olson from the Jordal farm was born that year.   My guess is that the record keeper was told he was 18 at the time of death and they subtracted 18 from 1881 to come up with 1863.

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