Saturday, July 23, 2011

Ole Larson - death

My 2nd great grandfather, Ole Larson died October 29, 1879 in Odda parish, Hordaland County, Norway.   He was born in late summer or fall 1821.   Ole was either 57 or 58 at the time of his death.   I still have not been able to locate his baptism record so I am unable to confirm the month and day of his birth.

The Odda parish record below (entry #38) indicates he was born in 1829, however, that is in error.  Both his confirmation and marriage documents (which I have posted previously) place the year of his birth as 1821.

Ole Larson's marriage record seems to indicate his father, Lars Olson was from Ragde, which is southeast of the Jordal farm.    Ragde is located southeast of the shores of lake Sandvevatnet.   I am not sure whether my 2nd great grandfather Ole Larson was born in Ragde but my search for his baptism record has been unsuccessful; either it doesn't exist or is not presently available.

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