Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Lyman Theador Jordal and Milo Irvin Jordal - baptism

Here is the baptism record for Lyman Theador Jordal (#24) and Milo Irvin Jordal (#7), grandson and great great grandson of Sigri Gunnersdatter and Ole Larson.

Witnesses (below) for Lyman included Martha Knudson, sister of Lars, Gunder and Omund Jordal who had married Ingebright Knudson.   This was the first mention I've encountered of Martha following her marriage in 1882.   

Witnesses for Milo included his grandfather, Lars Jordal,  great aunt Anna (Larson Jossendal) Jordal and aunt Susanna (Jordal) Johnson.

Lyman was born August 19, 1905 and baptized September 24, 1905.    Lyman was the seventh child born to Anna (Larson Jossendal) and Gunder Jordal.

Milo was the second child born to Elizabeth (Brown) and Ole L Jordal.  He was born January 27, 1906 and baptized May 10, 1906.   Milo was the grandson of Isabelle Cordelia (Halvorson) and Lars Jordal.

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