Monday, September 26, 2011

Marie Caroline, Lyman Theador and Alfred Clarence Jordal - deaths

Backtracking just a few years, in 1913, three of Sigri Gunnersdatter and Ole Larson's grandchildren passed away and were buried in the month of February.    Marie Caroline, the 3rd child born to Anna (Jossendal) and Gunder Jordal, Lyman Theador, their 7th child and Alfred Clarence, their 9th and final child all died within a few weeks of each other.

Here is the funeral record* from the First Lutheran Church of Lee, Illinois.    Marie Caroline is entry #6, her brothers Lyman Theador and Alfred Clarence are #7 and #8.

Here is a more legible copy of the left hand page.

Here is a more legible copy of the right hand page.

I walked the First Lutheran Cemetery 3 times and was unable to locate a marker for any of the three Jordal children, though quite a few markers are worn and difficult if not impossible to read.    I do not know whether a marker was ever made for Marie, Lyman and Alfred.

(Martha and Maria Jordal, entries #4 and #5 were the children of Ingeborg (Larson) and Lars H Jordal.   Again, while there is a possibility there was some distant blood relationship with the Jordal family that descended from Sigri Gunnersdatter and Ole Larson, the only connection of which I'm aware was that Lars H Jordal had lived at the same Jordal farm in Norway.)

*First Lutheran Church records provided by Pastor Steve Dow, Faith Lutheran Church, Rochelle, Illinois.

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  1. I believe that Marie Caroline, Lyman, and Alfred all died of the same thing, I will check my file it was either cholera or influenza. I have note somewhere that said a visiting nurse passed it to them.