Saturday, December 24, 2011

Myrtle Leila Jordal - baptism

Here is the baptism record for Myrtle Leila Jordal, (line #21) granddaughter of Sigri Gunnersdatter and Ole Larson.
Witnesses (below) included Lars Halstenson Jordal and wife Ingeborg Helgesdatter Jordal.   As far as I know, Lars and Ingeborg Jordal were not related; they had just lived on the same farm in Norway.  If I find a bloodline connection, I'll post to show the link.
Myrtle was the sixth child born to Isabelle Cordelia (Halvorson) and Lars Jordal.    She was born August 21, 1892 and baptized September 25, 1892.

The records indicated Isabelle's maiden name was Sigursdatter, which I have encountered on a few occasions.    I had previously seen this and thought it was correct, though Isabelle was born in the United States so taking her father's first name as a last name would not have applied.   Had she been born in Norway, Sigursdatter would have been the correct last name.

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